Quite Imposing plus 5.3N x86&x64 中文汉化版 (支持中文字体输入)

Quite Imposing plus 5.3N 中文汉化版与Quite Hot Imposing v5.3M 中文汉化版堪称PDF拼版利器,更是一款非常实用的PDF拼版插件,有了这个插件,我们就可以非常轻松的对PDF文件进行排版处理,它为广大用户提供了非常丰富的布局模式,大家可以根据自己的需求进行选择,并且该版本为中文破解版,你可以完全自由的使用上面的所有功能!
Quite Imposing plus 5.3N 有32位版本和64位版本,此汉化为32位和64位双版本。

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Quite Imposing plus 5.3N 控制面板
Acrobat plug-inRuns as an extension to Adobe Acrobat
StandaloneWatched folder and command line. Suitable for server use (single location, not internet).
N-up Pagesarrange consecutive pages on a larger sheet e.g.2×2
Not duplicates of the same page – see Step And Repeat, in features of Quite Imposing Plus, below
N-up CenteringCenter the resulting N-up page
Trim & ShiftDeal with “creep” in a folded booklet
or add space, shift contents or trim from the edges
Shuffle PagesShuffle for cut stacks and other layouts by defining a simple rule (called a “signature”).
Shuffle Even/OddProcess even/odd pages separately. Split into separate files and merge together († not Quite HOT)
Shuffle AssistantAn easy aid to working out layout signatures
Shuffle Assistant enhancementsMore complex layouts including head to head, step & repeat
Adjust Page SizesScale, crop or extend pages with optional rotation
Page ToolsDuplicate pages quickly. Also delete, move, rotate.
Tile PagesSplit pages for printing or to split spreads; can make overlap or bleed.
Reverse PagesReverses the order of pages
Insert Blank PagesInserts blank pages of creates a blank document
Insert File PagesInsert pages from a file; easy duplication with or without collation
Insert conditionallyInsert pages until a condition is met, like “multiple of 4 pages”
Impose Annotations & Form FieldsOptions to discard or convert to part of the imposition
Create Sample DocumentUseful for testing layouts
Control PanelEasy access to all functions
PreferencesDefine background templates with printers marks etc.
Automation SequencesSaves a sequence of commands to use again on future impositions
Step & repeatFills sheets with multiple copies of the same page (e.g. for business cards, labels)
Manual ImpositionPlace pages over any other page at any position and scale.
Define BleedsImpose pages with artwork that overruns the printing edge designed to be trimmed later.
PDF/X SupportPDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 are supported. PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5. Check the PDF/X status of a PDF file and preserve the PDF/X data in the imposition.
Stick on Text & NumbersAdd numbers and/or text to pages or imposed sheets.
Stick on fieldsStick on automatic text like file name, date, page count.
Bates StampingEnter numbers with a leading zero. Useful for law firms and Government agencies.
Stick on Masking TapeDefine a layout for “tape”, stick on one or more pages.
Peel off Page Numbers, Masking Tape or Registration MarksUndo “Stick on” functions, remove crop marks
Imposition InfoView origin of imposed pages for full accountability; also extract imposed pages for reuse, and delete pages from imposition.


  • 下载后把”qiplus5.3N.api”文件复制到X:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat XX\Acrobat\plug_ins 文件夹下
  • 启动Adobe Acrobat ,默认会提示你选择QI的语言,我们这里先选择英文(为什么要选英文,下面会说明),这时菜单栏里会多出一个增效工具,下面有一个Quite Imposing Plus 5的菜单。
  • 注册Quite Imposing Plus 5.3M特别说明,QI需要在英文状态下注册才能成功(这也是为什么第一次启动时选择英文的原因)。由于Quite Imposing Plus 注册需要在英文状态下,所以我们暂时不忙于把界面修改成中文,打开”增效工具”-“Quite Imposing Plus 5”-“Imposition control panel” 出现一个Quite Imposing Plus控制面板小窗口,点击右下角的[??](你没看错,确实是两个问号)会打开如下图所示的窗口,点击”License”,输入文件中提供的Quite Imposing Plus注册序列号即可。注:输入序列号时只要正确输入sn和code两处,其他地方随便填写即可
  • Quite Imposing plus 5.3N中文汉化版,如果你习惯用英文版,经过上面几步注册完就可以用了,如果你想把界面换成中文,请按如下操作。打开”增效工具”-“Quite Imposing Plus 5”-“Imposition control panel” ,按下图把Imposing Plus语言设置为中文,重启Adobe Acrobat后即可显示为中文。
图片[2] - Quite Imposing plus 5.3N x86&x64 中文汉化版 (支持中文字体输入) - 聚问天空网



注意:Quite Imposing Plus 5.3D Mac版本为英文版,本站只提供SN支持!
缺失文件 qiplus5-x64_sandbox.dll:Acrobat 首选项–安全性增强–启动时启用保护模式(不勾)–启用增强的安全性(不勾)

这是 Quite Imposing Plus 5 的新功能。除了对 macOS Catalina的支持外,还有许多新功能。
可变数据合并:使用 CSV 或 TXT 文件,将文本块或图片添加到多个 PDF 页面。使用主文档(邮件合并)或添加到现有文档(冲压)。
支持 macOS 10.15“Catalina”,同时仍在 Windows 和较旧的 macOS 系统中运行。插件在 Acrobat 9、X、XI、DC、2015 和 2017 中运行。
自动化序列可以做“部分”来拆分作业,或单独处理零件。结果可以合并或分开。Quite Hot Imposing 用户可以将输出拆分为无限数量的单独文件。

Quite Imposing plus 5.3N x86&x64 中文汉化版 (支持中文字体输入) - 聚问天空网
Quite Imposing plus 5.3N x86&x64 中文汉化版 (支持中文字体输入)
Quite Imposing Plus 5.3N (X86-X64)汉化版Quite Imposing Plus 5.3N 汉化版,下载文件包含Quite Imposing Plus 5.3D Mac版本为英文版,本站只提供SN支持!!
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